Double Sided Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

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Double-Sided Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

Clean your outside windows easily and safely with the Double-Sided Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner.  This cleaner has super magnetic adsorption you don’t have to risk your life just to clean the outside part of your window. With just gently wiping, you can clean both sides of the glass filled with dust and grease. This tool is perfect for those who live in high rises and condos. Now you can clean your windows safe and sound anytime.


  • Cleans the outside of your windows while staying in your room.
  • For Hard To Reach Windows, The only safe way to clean the outside of windows, which are wider than your arm length.
  • Effective for single glazed windows, 3-8mm thickness.
  • Now offering a double-pane option for a premium rate – this is the strongest magnet on the market right now.
  • Extra durable Includes two microfibre cloths for scrubbing heavy dirt and polishing
  • The beautiful and generous, handle is in accordance with human body mechanics, relaxed and thoroughly clean every corner.

How to use:

  1. Rotate and open it
  2. Soak the sponge
  3. Apply detergent evenly
  4. Use safety rope to tie your wrist
  5. Place it on the glass
  6. Wipe with the right wipe method

Spray cleaning solution on both sides of the window. Hold the larger part of the cleaner on the window inside, then place the smaller part on the outside window.


Package Includes: 1x Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

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